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What is Soul Voice?

 What is Soul Voice

Soul Voice: What I Know about Nothing was born out of nothing.  The nothing I speak of is the unseen world of unformed energy I affectionately refer to as the great creative universe of all or the great all for short. The great all is the big nothing of the invisible world.  It is the creative universe’s inhale and exhale from which everything on planet earth and possibly everything everywhere has come. It is the source of all that is important to me: ideas, dreams, creativity, imagination, spirituality, and feelings. How humans have come into being from the big nothing is not my focus. How you and I use the great all’s never-ending breath is. It is where Soul Voice began—as an idea in my soul.

What is soul voice? Soul voice is your personal and infinite connection to the great all. It manifests in as many ways as there are people, yet it has the same purpose. Soul voice is much like an umbilical cord. Please do look down. No, you will not see your soul voice dangling there, but it is a reminder that you have one. In the beginning, all people had an umbilical cord that attached them to their mothers, and everyone was fed pretty much the same diet, depending on the mother’s intake, of course. Once life outside the womb began, you grew in your way, and I think I’m safe in saying you are unique. The same is true of your soul voice. Your soul voice is your divining rod for your true north. She or he (from here on referred to as she for ease of language) will aid you in finding or staying the course of your best-self life—a course that will bring you to your greatest potential, your everlasting peace-of-mind happiness.

Soul Voice is what I’ve come to know about the big nothing while holding hands with my precious, unconditionally loving soul voice. It is also a guide to help you find yours. Finding your soul voice leads to knowing and expressing your highest potential; expressing your highest potential leads to a life of unconditional love, peaceful happiness, and unabashed joy; unconditional love, peaceful happiness, and unabashed joy feed the great all; the great all is where it all began; and thus you have entered a loop of everlasting love, peace, and joy. Now that is really something.

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